Welcome to your Adviser & Helper Whilst Living in Spain!!

My team and I offer an independent service that has been so since 1998. Our position is one of client confidentiality at all times, to inform on a variety of issues and we do this from the moment you decide to purchase your Spanish dream home.
Whilst living in Spain we will advise from property transactions to health matters through to tax issues and all this in your language. The latter makes it even more important in today’s property and financial markets when it comes to choosing a property and meeting those related requirements, a task that most of us find daunting. In overcoming terms relating to business practices and local laws, as well as national law, makes it a very difficult package to take on board. This reflection of reality leads to a lack of information in one’s native tongue but not with our support on hand giving guidance and looking after your best interests.
In Spain like in most countries, there are laws to cover every aspect of life and not being able to articulate the language of your host country, makes it difficult to observe, understand and adhere to these laws. A great deal of trust is placed on those business individuals who may, or may not, act in your best interests. Having someone on hand like ourselves in an independent capacity to guide you through a minefield of complicated hurdles will help you save time and money.
When taking into account the latter, an interpreter is a requirement, if not an obligation to have present for those who do not speak Spanish along with a solicitor at the time of signing any given notary document.
The language barrier extends to Doctors and Civil Servants. Our clients have our personal services at hand for any eventuality. If there’s any additional detail required, we’re only an email away for further clarification.

Helping you to enjoy Spain!
Chris Ramiro Moniz

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